Monday, May 25, 2009

Drowning (and jumping) in Puddles

I don’t cook, scrapbook, travel, underwater basketweave, scuba dive, coal mine, wrangle kids, or engage in anything else that might keep you from skipping over this blog. So what exactly do I do to keep your interest? Well, I really can't say because I don't know what adventures might pop up from one day to the next. But that unpredictability of never knowing what I'll write from post to post is kind of to your advantage, wouldn't you say?
I’m the victim of my random life--and here I laugh because if, indeed, I am a victim, I rather enjoy my plight! Life has a way of presenting me with a smorgasbord of eclectic topics. Perhaps I'll express them in poetry, fiction, essays, or articles--you just never know. I'm a pastor’s kid, a second child, a teacher, a writer, and a melancholy--with that combination, I can’t escape having a unique view of life.
Drowning in Puddles is a concept that I’ve had in my mind for years. In college, I began writing a personal essay with this theme, but somehow the analogy just didn't work. Since then I’ve wondered how to apply this concept to something in my life. This is as good as any I guess. People have told me before that I think deep thoughts. To clear up this misconception, I’ll tell you that I don’t. Random and different are sometimes mislabeled as deep. But there's no doubt about it, my observations do tend toward the different side--they're not weird or revolutionary; I just see the world from a slightly different angle than the way most people see it. I like to think of my thoughts as puddles: most aren't deep, but they're things that most people usually walk around. I just choose to splash or submerge myself in them. And, on some occassions, to drown in these everyday circumstances, feelings, thoughts, or memories all pooled up in my heart.
If you don’t mind getting a little wet, we can go puddle jumping together. If I get in too deep, just tell me to stand up!