Monday, June 15, 2009

Listen to Your Self Talking

The other day I heard that some people live their entire life without knowing they only have one kidney. It freaked me out; but then it made me think.
Lately, I’ve been discovering myself—-literally myself. It amazes me how we live with ourselves yet know ourselves so little. We live with a mole behind our left ear and never see it until we’re thirty when it turns to cancer; every ache and pain is trying to tell us something, and we do nothing other than moan and blame our age. I’ve always been fascinated with the ‘water works’ gurgles in my stomach and the feeling of cold water sliding all the way down my esophagus to plunge into my stomach with a splash. I'm amazed at the freckles which until recently had been ‘hiding’ on my creamy complexioned shoulders but have suddenly appeared once exposed to sunlight. I revel in the knowledge that a pain in my head can be relieved by pressing on the tips of my thumbs; and I marvel that my body can manage to sort through hundreds of vitamins, proteins, calories, fats, and other nutrients, get rid of the bad, and put it all in the right place. Fearfully and wonderfully made, I am.
It’s hot where I live, so recently I’ve been amazed to learn my body’s language of dehydration—it screams at me through swollen fingers, shakiness, and, in a final ditch effort, aching legs which I had previously associated with low blood sugar or hunger. Tipping back a glass of H2O typically solves all of these symptoms.
Listen to what your body is trying to tell you-—the fast food and processed food industries try to shout louder, but ignore them. Drink water, eat veggies, take the smaller piece, don’t clean your plate for once, exercise, oh, and by all means—always brush your tongue! But that’s a puddle I’ll jump into another day!

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