Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Other Side of Me

I’m like a book.
So much to keep in;
So much to keep out.
Hybrid of all things good and evil,
Heroine and villain all at once.
The cover, all you see,
A faint synopsis,
Misleading at best.

Just behind these green panes
curtained with my thoughts,
Another side of me exists,
Unknown to those not searching for it.
Like the deep part of the sea-
Only bravest adventurist
Able to stand supreme pressure
Can enter the clandestine chambers
Of my heart.

There my eyes light up with dreams
held captive to fears your side contrives,
And I'm not the paper doll some believe you can clothe, bend as you please
Or the paper Mache you assume
Can be broken, or wielded which way you assign.
You resign me to teeter on a book spine
You post me at a blender,
while I stir up recipes for passion in my soul.

The other side of me cheers cowboys on bucking broncos and
bungee jumping bridges.

Peer inside,
over my shoulder in a moment that the cover’s undone.
You’ll find me chasing stories, in New York,
clad in of blazers and heels, Pulitzers and such.

Strolling through a butterfly blossomed meadow,
watching the moon, make its sleepy upward drift so
maddeningly close to my fingers.

I watch your world,
and you,
from the windows of my soul,
wondering if you care to know
the other side of

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