Monday, July 18, 2011


Graffiti artists have been providing me with a lot of inspiration lately. Though one of my friends says that graffiti is the art of ruffians, I think that some graffiti artists are deeper than we give them credit for. If they were merely punks armed with cans of spray paint, why would they not choose to paint some insipid profanity rather than an abstract word that seems to indicate a struggle that they face?
I wonder what this one is doubting--or maybe it would be a shorter answer if I asked what he is not doubting.
I've frequently wondered at people who graffiti walls, in much the same way that I wonder about people who take the time to write on bathroom stalls and the people who carve their names in the peeling paint of handrails. Why is it in our nature to destroy things in order to leave our mark? Now there's a puddle worth splashing in someday.
For now, enjoy some Doubt.

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