Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life is my Marah; You are my Tree

The other day I began wondering where my summer went in such a hurry. But then I flipped back through my calendar pages to find my summer hiding among the penciled in appointments and plans that cover each calendar square over the past 3 months. It’s been a filled summer and a full summer. And in it, I have met so many beautiful people—-so many, in fact, that now my most serious concern is finding enough time to spend with each of them. But it's a pleasant chore, making room for new friends.
God has often, in my life, used friends for medicinal purposes, almost as anesthetics when life hurts or when I need to be distracted from the hard parts. This summer has been no different. In ways they don’t know, the people I’ve encountered have once again distracted, healed, soothed, or numbed my pain or confusion.
I was thinking this morning about the story in the Old Testament when the thirsty children of Israel, while crossing the wilderness, encountered the bitter waters of Marah. Predictably they complained and wondered how in the world God would provide for them this time. But when Moses obeyed God’s command to cut down a tree into the waters, the waters miraculously turned sweet and drinkable.
It occurred to me that sometimes Life is my Marah, bitter, undrinkable. But I’m thankful that God has commanded so many trees—-so many friends—-to fall into my life and make it sweet.

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