Saturday, April 14, 2012

Open House--er--Puddle

Three years ago, I started my blog unsure of what exactly I was getting into, what I would write, or who would read it. Given the uncertainties, I decided not to tell anyone until I was sure that it would work out. It soon became apparent that the Puddle could serve as that secret place I’ve always craved (see “The Secret Place.”) So I decided to keep it a secret. But usually my secret places can only remain clandestine for so long before I share them with a friend. So why am I still keeping my blog a secret?
It made people nervous when they found out that I had a secret blog. I imagine they wondered what I must be saying, what ornery laundry my passive aggressive personality had stitched and hung out to dry on my blog.
But they didn’t need to worry because I never meant for the Puddle to be a place to bash others or vent about my days—the internet is one big steam vent, releasing the angst and intolerance of society. I refuse to allow my blog to add so much as a molecule to that worthless steam. After all, writing is a confirmation of who we are, a reflection of our values. I for one don’t want a written record of my nastiness, anonymous or not.
Pure and simple, there’s only one real reason that I’ve kept my blog a secret: I’m terrified of disappointing people (see “One Person’s Treasure.”). I’m terrified that people will look at it and say, “Eh, I’ve seen better.” “That’s all she’s got?” Or “No wonder she kept THAT a secret.”
But maybe it’s time—-time to open the puddle for public splashing. To face the praise or ridicule. To bore or inspire what few readers I may acquire. To capture attention or to become just one more blog bone in the vast wasteland of the web. But just maybe it’s time to finally be heard.
I can’t promise there won’t be errors in the posts. I’ve considered going back and perfecting them all-—but then I wouldn’t be able to gauge how far I’ve come.
So here it is, still a little muddy, but a whole lot of fun.

Welcome to the Puddle, folks. Come on in and splash around.


  1. Now you've done it...every cowboy in 50 miles is gonna show up and follow you around.

  2. Welcome to the open! Hope you like it out here :)